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Fuse Technology Group | AWWWW I Got a Bounce Back on my Email… Why Does This Happen?
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AWWWW I Got a Bounce Back on my Email… Why Does This Happen?


AWWWW I Got a Bounce Back on my Email… Why Does This Happen?  

In this day and age, we expect email just to work.  I mean when thinking about it logically it just makes sense – we can video chat someone on our phones, we can text pictures to our families; how is it the solution we have been using since 1995 doesn’t just work already, seems pretty accurate right?

For the most part, that is the case with email; it just works and always has. However, there are those rare occasions when we have received bounce backs, or someone didn’t get your email. This is something we have all probably experienced at one point or another. The worst scenario is when you have a bounce back email happen when you are desperately trying to impress that new client, and it’s hard to appear to have your act together if the client doesn’t think you know how to send an email :)

The question then becomes, why is this happening and what can be done to prevent it?

Why is Email Complex, Seems Simple Enough to Me?
Email has become a complicated beast, specifically the moment that spam was introduced. It is a constant battle between network administrators waging war to stop spam, and then spammers finding new ways around the administrators. The back and forth between these two groups has turned the behind the scene landscape of email much more sophisticated.

Your Email Provider and Their Email Provider – It All Comes Down to Them!  
With the back and forth battle between spammers and admins comes more advanced configurations. You have to keep in mind whether you host your email at Google, or have a server in your building, it all comes down to the configuration that your email providers have. Meaning if either of them has a configuration wrong, or a crazy paranoid anti-spam filter, there is a chance your email won’t get through.

The Bad Place to be in When You Can’t Get a Client’s Email or They Can’t Get Yours! 
So imagine this for a second, you have a client who has an email server in house, and they are trying to email you, but for one reason or another you are not getting their email. Your tech provider tells you that it’s because their email administrator has a configuration issue, and google has policies in place for a reason and cannot change to accommodate your situation. Now you’re stuck in a very bad spot.

1. Do you overstep and tell their IT department they configured their email server wrong?

2. Do you contact Google, and try to get them to let the email through?

3. Do you do neither and look like you don’t have your act together with your client?

Well the truth is, it’s bad all the way around. Doing the first step is horrible politically, and if you contact Google, they may tell you NO as there is a good reason for that protection in place, and they simply won’t make the change. So what do you do, it’s basically out of your hands and out of your control. Not to mention we know that everyone shoots the messenger and the client will view it as YOUR problem.

One Size Does Not Fit All. 
There are ways you can prevent this.  Many believe there is one email solution to fit everyone’s needs; we do not agree.  There is a place for each and every email system — from Google, to Live 365 to even hosting in house. Your needs, your budget and technology should all be taken into account when picking an email solution.

The Solution for the Case Above:
For the particular situation above we would recommend Fuse’s Hosted Exchange service.   The reason being, is that it’s managed by Fuse, so if the setting to let that one odd configuration through needs to be changed, Fuse can handle it in seconds without any hassle. There is no holding, no waiting to submit a ticket, just I.T handled by the team you talk to in Ferndale. You get the advanced technology and data center, with the personalized management that you need. Think of it as your email concierge service!

Located in Ferndale, Fuse Technology Group is the premier provider of Business IT Services. Providing business computer support to hundreds of clients in Detroit, Troy, Southfield, Royal Oak, Birmingham and throughout the state of Michigan.

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