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Fuse Technology Group | Businesses Fail After Data Loss!
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Businesses Fail After Data Loss!


Businesses Fail After Data Loss!

As the technology gurus, Fuse is always keeping up with the latest tech news. Over the last few months I have read almost identical articles from three different sources, which was enough to send an article to the Fuse news room!

The statistic I kept reading showed that 80-90 percent of businesses fail after a significant data failure. I thought that statistic was astounding. While we’ve had our remote backup service for years, I thought it was time to shine a little more light on it for our clients.

Fuse’s managed remote backup solution, “Silo”, will remotely backup all your data to servers outside of your facility. Here are a few common questions and concerns we receive when speaking to clients regarding our remote backup service:

“Well, I already do backups with external hard drives or tapes.”
For starters, when it comes to backups you never want all of your eggs in one basket…ever. Local backups are great and extremely speedy at recovery; however, with that structure you have one single point of failure. That’s why Fuse always recommends having multiple backup solutions in place just in case one fails.

“Why do I need an off site backup solution, I have a staff member who moves the hard drive off site once per week?”
While that’s an excellent habit, we’ve seen it many times that the one time you really need something is the one day the employee forgot to rotate the drives or switch the tapes.

“Why is off site backup really necessary?”
There are many unplanned events that can happen that could comprise the integrity of your local backups and data;
– Fire/Flood
– Sprinklers going off
– Robbery
– Surge
– Malicious hacking
– Viruses

Remote backup is like an insurance policy for your data. Let’s be honest, in today’s world where would we be without our company’s data? Think about it, if you were to show up to work tomorrow, sat down at your computer, and all of your data was gone, would your business be able to function? Could you bill your clients? Could you account for jobs, inventory and such? I know our organization couldn’t. That’s why remote backup is so crucial, and for a small fee you can add that extra safety net to your business’s data.

For further information, please contact sales@fusetg.com or feel free to contact your Fuse Technician for further details. Below are the articles regarding business failures after data loss:


Located in Ferndale, Fuse Technology Group is the premier provider of Business IT Services. Providing business computer support to hundreds of clients in Detroit, Troy, Southfield, Royal Oak, Birmingham and throughout the state of Michigan.

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