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Fuse Technology Group is the premiere provider of Business IT Services and computer support in Detroit, Troy, Southfield, Royal Oak, Birmingham and throughout the state of Michigan.
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WELL MANAGED AND HIGHLY MONITOREDFuse vault for backups and restoration in Detroit, Troy, Southfield, Royal Oak, Birmingham and throughout the state of Michigan

Studies show that up to 90 percent of businesses fail after experiencing a significant data loss. It’s important to backup onsite, but that’s not nearly enough to safeguard your business. It’s critical to back up your most important data to offsite servers. Yes, you can find remote backup services on the Internet, but they typically let you down and can negatively affect your business. They aren’t maintained properly. They break down and nobody tells you. Your staff loses time, dollars and valuable data. Fuse Vault won’t let that happen.



These are the principles behind Fuse Vault and what makes our remote backup service superior. We understand that all technology must be maintained properly. That’s especially true of remote backup services entrusted to protect your data. Fuse manages your data, maintains data integrity and constantly monitors it to ensure it is working properly.

We take monitoring seriously — and to the extreme. Our live monitoring system alerts our highly trained engineers through text and email the instant there’s a failure in the system. As an added precaution, the status of your remote backup stays front and center at the Fuse office. It’s always visible on our wall of plasma screens and if there’s any issue, the system immediately alerts our team of network engineers.

We’ve designed Fuse Vault with many features to ensure it won’t let you down:

Encryption Fuse Vault safeguards your data using 448-bit encryption combined with data duplication and compression.
Open/Locked File Support Fuse Vault can back up any open file in any operating system.
Restore Options Fuse Vault allows you to search archived data and chose specific versions by date.
Cross Platform Fuse Vault runs on practically every operating system from Windows and Mac to Linux.
Bandwidth Throttling Fuse Vault can be customized based on your parameters to ensure it doesn’t compromise your bandwidth.

Don’t take chances with your business. Choose Fuse Vault and let us worry about your backups – so you don’t have to.

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