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Have you thought about running Google Apps for your business? Fuse can help. We have incorporated Google Apps into many businesses around Metro Detroit. There are several amazing benefits to Google Apps. Whether you’re a small business or a huge conglomerate, there is a package suited to every budget.



Accidents are going to happen, but that doesn’t make downtime any less expensive. With Google Apps, your data is backed up constantly and Google supplies reliable access to all of yours apps all the time.

  • Google guarantees 99.9% availability, and when they do have any downtime, it’s for mere seconds compared to other services where planned downtime could be more than an hour.
  • The support from Google is available 24/7, and when making a large switch such as your email service, you’ll want to always be able to have customer support.
  • Your information will be safe, secure, and easy to use


Cloud solutions offer great benefits in the ways you can access your information regardless of where you need to work.

  • Have access on all devices with a web browser: Tablets, smart phones, iPod Touch, and, with a Chromecast or Internet, even on your HDTV.
  • Location is not a factor for anyone you’re sharing Google Docs with, and it takes away the burden of complicated IT setup to collaborate on a project.


When you use a hosted solution like Google Apps, you won’t have to make a large upfront investment on in-house servers or configuration.

  • Less cost associated with maintenance than in-house hosting because Google support is included in your monthly/yearly fee.
  • If you or your team are comfortable in Microsoft Outlook, you can sync your service with Outlook, and it will feel very similar to an Exchange solution.


Google Apps for Business offers a variety of useful and productive applications based on the package you choose. For example:

  • Google Docs are great for working together on spreadsheets, documents, and presentations
  • Google Drive is a great online file storing application – that gives you access to files anywhere, just like your email.
  • Hangouts can save you money on additional software for web conferencing and integrates with all of your files wonderfully.