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Fuse Technology Group | Rollout of Microsoft’s Windows 8.1
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Rollout of Microsoft’s Windows 8.1


As of this morning, Microsoft’s new update to their Windows 8 operating system has gone live. For many of you who looked at Windows 8 when it was released and swiftly looked the other way, this is a great opportunity to see if the updates have addressed the concerns of Windows users sticking with a previous platform.

Business Oriented

New Features in Update

Some of the main features include:You may be asking, “What has Microsoft done to justify a second look at Windows 8 if I didn’t enjoy the first version?” That’s a great question. Ranging from end user updates such as the inclusion of a Start Button (still not the typical start menu) all the way to features like Workplace Join created for business users, we at the Fuse lab have been dissecting 8.1 for better user experience and functionality.

  • Business-Focused Features
    • Management Features
      • Start Screen lock-down for company issued devices
      • Remote business data removal, helping combat companies faced with employee BYOD (bring your own device) concerns
      • Workplace Join, which ensures that anyone with access to company data is on a registered and trusted device
  • Networking Features
    • NFC tap-to-pair printing allowing you to print by tapping a device against a NFC enabled printer (you can purchase a tag to add this capability to your printer)
    • Auto triggered VPN gives users a seamless way to access VPN whenever needed.
  • Security Features
    • Updates to Defender and Internet Explorer 11 for antivirus and antimalware
    • Boot straight to desktop option available
    • Limit of Metro style apps increased to 4, allowing them to be opened side-by-side.

If your company is considering moving to tablet devices or implementing them as part of your systems, then Windows 8.1 is something that you need to experience hands-on for yourself. While Windows 8.1 increases the functionality of your tablet and touch screen devices, Microsoft has made a huge push to increase value for those users who are on non-touch screen devices as well.

What Will This Cost Me?

If you happen to already be on the Windows 8 platform then this update will cost you nothing! This is an important update for those of you who are already utilizing Microsoft’s newest OS. For those who are still running a previous version the price layout is as follows:

Windows 8.1 (Core Edition): $119.99

Windows 8.1 (Pro Edition): $199.99

Call your Fuse technician today to find out if Windows 8.1 makes sense for your organization!It is important to note that if you are currently running either Windows XP, or if your organization is running Exchange 2003, Microsoft will no longer be maintaining support for these operating systems come April of next year. With that in mind, our Fusers in the Lab are telling us that this new update could make some big changes for organizations, especially in regards to the end-user experience. Windows 8.1, coupled with their new Office 2013 suite, makes using their systems an absolute pleasure from the user’s point of view.

Call your Fuse technician today to find out if Windows 8.1 makes sense for your organization!

Located in Ferndale, Fuse Technology Group is the premier provider of Business IT Services. Providing business computer support to hundreds of clients in Detroit, Troy, Southfield, Royal Oak, Birmingham and throughout the state of Michigan.

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