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Fuse Technology Group | Setup a Fail-over Internet Connection: Being without Internet is like a Power Outage at your Business
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Redundant Internet

Setup a Fail-over Internet Connection: Being without Internet is like a Power Outage at your Business


More and more small businesses are relying on technology to support their operations and compete on a larger scale. As a business owner, you may have purchased a backup power generator, in case of a power outage, you backup your mission critical data not only on-site but also with remote backup to off-site locations, but what do you do if your Internet goes down?

Backing up your internet is no different from backing up your data or having a plan in case of a power outage. The point of all of these precautions are to minimize unexpected downtime and disasters to your organization.

Benefits of Redundant Internet & Multiple Internet Service Providers

Business models have become dependent upon the internet and our communication with our clients and customers. We use Email, VoIP phones, Cloud Services (Live 365, proprietary software, accounting software, etc.) File Servers, and more. Without these items, imagine how this would affect your productivity. How much money could this cost you?

“How much money would it cost your organization if your Internet went down for a day?”

Redundant Internet Key Benefits:

  • Protect your dependency on Internet Connectivity
  • Minimize opportunity cost during down time (minimize lost opportunities or customers)
  • Email Connectivity from workstations
  • Ensure access to cloud services hosted offsite

For certain companies, it may even make sense to take your redundant Internet one step further, and utilize the additional line to ensure that your network works even faster by utilizing both lines at the same time. Certain hardware as well as custom configuration will allow you to do take advantage of the additional bandwidth. Our Fuse Technicians can help determine if your organization could benefit from this configuration – contact us today for a consultation.

Multiple ISP Key Benefits

  • Switch between lines if one becomes congested or too slow.
  • Use additional Bandwidth in non-emergency times (utilize both connections when they are both up, not only for when one goes down)
  • Load Balancing: If you use VoIP phones, and servers, there may be a way to optimize your network. Contact your Fuse Technician for details.


What’s the Additional Cost to Setup Redundant Internet?

There are two primary costs to configuring your Internet to have a backup plan implemented: A new router, and a second Internet Service Provider connection.

Dual WAN Router

A Dual WAN router will allow for two separate connections to different Internet Service Providers. With this piece of equipment, you can have it configured that if Line 1 goes down, it will automatically switch to Line 2 until the primary line is backup. The cost of a router with these capabilities will be in the ballpark of $600, and will be a one-time fee.

Secondary Internet Connection

Much like having a remote backup solution for your data, there is a reoccurring cost to have a backup internet line as well. You will need to sign up with another provider to work as your backup or failover internet connection. You will need to pay for this line just as you do for your primary line, and will have two different providers in the event that one of them goes down. The ballpark figure for this additional line will be around $100/month. Costs will vary based on speed packages and providers that are available in your area.

Located in Ferndale, Fuse Technology Group is the premier provider of Business IT Services. Providing business computer support to hundreds of clients in Detroit, Troy, Southfield, Royal Oak, Birmingham and throughout the state of Michigan.

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