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Fuse Technology Group | Fuse Culture
Fuse Technology Group is the premiere provider of Business IT Services and computer support in Detroit, Troy, Southfield, Royal Oak, Birmingham and throughout the state of Michigan.
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The environment here at Fuse is like none other. We pride ourselves on our location, our impeccable team mentality, the priorities we set forth, and our constant drive for growth. We know our ability to stay in business, and most importantly, continue having the ability to do what we love every day, comes directly from our clients’ satisfaction. For those who call Fuse home, we all have one thing in common, we are building a phenomenal career, and we apply that same long-term mentality to our clients.  IT can often make or break a company, and that’s why we are always raising the bar and finding ways to leverage technology for our clients, giving them the competitive advantage they need.



The Fuse culture is a marriage between Silicon Valley and old school work ethic. We work hard but always play well with others. If we had to choose one word to describe Fuse it would be TEAM. We work exceptionally well together and pride ourselves on being more like a family than a company. Every single person on our team is always there for the others. And for our clients.



At Fuse, making our clients happy is our top priority. But we think the process should also be fun. And because we know people work better when they’re comfortable and happy, we give our team the best work environment possible. From our hip, industrial workspace in fashionable Ferndale to our extremely competitive Baggo games, our team is happy, motivated and comfortable. They’re also surrounded by some pretty high-tech tools. Step into our offices and you’ll see cutting-edge technology and a wall of LCDs. You won’t be sure whether you’re in Silicon Valley or the NASA command center.



Team. It’s the buzz word of the business world. But ask any Fuser, and they’ll tell you they’ve never experienced a team mentality or atmosphere quite like they have at Fuse. No matter what the circumstances, project or issue, our Fusers rely on each other. And they’re there for each other every time. We’re colleagues, but we’re also friends, and you will often catch us socializing outside of the office or gathering for impromptu “team building” outings in downtown Ferndale or Royal Oak. Given the vast landscape of the technology field, this teamwork and bond is absolutely crucial.



Our team is close, and our atmosphere makes us comfortable with one another. We joke around, poke fun at one another and get goofy. But when there’s an issue, our techs are all business, and it’s all hands on deck. It’s like a switch we each have that turns on the moment there’s a client concern. Our clients’ satisfaction is our highest priority, so the ability to shift gears and jump immediately into action is permanently ingrained in the entire Fuse staff.

Fuse Growth and FutureGROWTH AND THE FUTURE


Fuse is all about growth. Yes, we want to see our company grow, but that can only happen if our team grows, develops and advances. That’s why we grow the company in such a way that our staff members can advance into management or senior-level roles if they so desire. We continually push the envelope to help each and every Fuser reach their financial and career goals.

Fuse is not some fly-by-night organization looking to make a quick buck. We build relationships with our clients. We are their partners and are always looking out for their long term success. This, in turn, helps Fuse have long-term success and growth. If you are looking for a career —one you will love, with longevity and room for growth — then Fuse is the place for you!