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Fuse Technology Group | Are your backups basic? Don’t be that company!
Fuse Technology Group is the premiere provider of Business IT Services and computer support in Detroit, Troy, Southfield, Royal Oak, Birmingham and throughout the state of Michigan.
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backup using tranferred folder example

Are your backups basic? Don’t be that company!


Backups used to be pretty straight forward, started with tapes and boy I don’t miss those days. We later evolved to external hard drives and we would either use the backup solution built into the server environment or buy at the time a more robust solution. It was easy back then, usually all of your data was in one or two servers. Your email, files shares, pretty much your entire computing environment could just be tossed on to a very inexpensive external drive.


Our Data, Our Technology Environments have evolved dramatically.


Fast forward to 2018, our computing environments are much different. Email is in the cloud, our local networks’ house virtual servers spread across multiple physical hosts, databases are no longer flat file. With basic backup software its nearly impossible to automatically backup all those different items effectively where they could be restored in a hurry.


The Threats have evolved TOO!


Historically when you would get hit with a virus, you would just restore from backups, no biggie right? Ransomware, we had never even heard the term. That all changed with Cryptowall and Crypto viruses. It would delete your data it would just take it making it unusable. (See are article on Ransomware). In recent times strands of it have become so advanced that it will actually encrypt your backups as well leaving you with nothing.


“ If something is changing in technology Fuse is changing with it. ”

Fuse has your back! We evolved as well!


That is why we provide a state of the art Managed Backup service. We install a device at your location where all your data is sent to, it then doubles as remote backup as all the information is safety and securely sent to the cloud. This makes it next to impossible for the backups to be hit with malicious encryption. On the technical side it can backup various items such as virtual machines, SQL databases, Exchange and the list goes on and on, all to a single device that is then synced to the cloud. Whats best of all is its managed and monitored 24/7 by the Fuse staff. In our experience there is nothing more important to a businesses technology environment than backups, so if you plan on investing in your environment we would strongly recommend starting there.


Service Highlights:


 Physical Device installed onsite for local backups

 Synced to secure cloud (Remote backups)

Free instant replacement in case the device ever goes bad

Free 4 year refresh- Get a new model every four years no extra charge

 Managed and monitored by Fuse 24/7

 Free installation

 Fast Recovery Features

 Multi-enviroment Protection

 Ability to run a backed up Virtual Machine in the cloud in case of disaster

 Image and File prelication

 Microsoft cluster support


Located in Ferndale, Fuse Technology Group is the premier provider of Business IT Services. Providing business computer support to hundreds of clients in Detroit, Troy, Southfield, Royal Oak, Birmingham and throughout the state of Michigan.


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