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Fuse Technology Group | Choosing a Tablet for Business Application
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Tablets for Business

Choosing a Tablet for Business Application


Tablets for Business

As tablets continue to come out and sales are being driven up, there are some great options out there for consumers and businesses. However for businesses, the questions should ultimately start with a decision on which Operating System will work best for your application.


Apple iOS 7

The new Apple iPad Air has often been considered the best tablet on the market, so naturally you’ve probably taken a look or two in this direction. What does Apple have to offer for their business users though, you ask? Apple touts their business features for their mobile operating system on their website. If your business runs multiple Mac Computers, iPad will seamlessly sync and communicate with your machines. Apple is now also including its business software for free; pages, keynote, and Numbers, or the equivalent of Microsoft Office with their devices.

iPad Air for Business

Additionally, from an iOS standpoint, the VPN per app feature as well as the Single Sign On (SSO) capabilities are a draw for business customers. For more information, check out the link above for details on what these features offer for your business.


Android Jelly Bean

While Android is not as clear cut as Apple on how you can utilize this platform for business, and not nearly as clear as Windows, it still does have the ability to function in the business environment. With many devices, including the Nexus 7 from Google, you can get the best value in hardware for your buck.

 Nexus 7, Android tablets for business

The Google Play Store does include a variety of apps designed for businesses, and will be able to handle documents, emails, and other media that you may need for your company. Some of the most popular apps in their business section include OfficeSuite Pro which allows you to work on Microsoft office files, or apps that allow you to print to a wireless printer from your device.


Windows 8.1

When you think Windows, you think Business, and that is by no mistake on Microsoft’s part. Windows has created their new operating system, Windows 8, specifically for this market. Price is almost always a huge deciding factor for most small businesses, and when deciding between operating systems, this may be the turning point in a decision. There are a variety of Windows 8 tablets out there with varying price ranges. Such as the ASUS Transformer with its sub $500 price tag, all the way up to tablets that could easily replace a computer.
Surface Pro 2 for Business
For a business looking to get the most out of their tablet for business application, Windows tablet’s pack a punch. Giving their owners the ability to have: Multiple users, multiple monitors, access to peripherals (almost anything that will connect with connectors that come with the tablet), a full file manager system, security through file encryption, and often times a very powerful machine if you are willing to spend the money.


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Located in Ferndale, Fuse Technology Group is the premier provider of Business IT Services. Providing business computer support to hundreds of clients in Detroit, Troy, Southfield, Royal Oak, Birmingham and throughout the state of Michigan.

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