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Fuse Technology Group | iOS 7.1 – What’s New and Quick Installation Tips
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Apple iOS 7.1 Update

iOS 7.1 – What’s New and Quick Installation Tips


With the release of 7.1 there are few quick tips you should know. First if you want to upgrade over the air without plugging into your computer you will need 2.5 GB of free space on your phone and more than 50% battery life (if you are not plugged in). The first question you may ask yourself is what’s new with the upgrade?

Brief Summary of new Features

Here are the top updates that stood out to us, but to find out what else is new. (Some features are not currently available in every country, here is a list of iOS 7.1 features based on country.)

iOS 7.1 Power Screen

    • Support for CarPlay
    • Fixes for Random Reboots
    • Touch ID reliability enhancements
    • New Incoming call Screen.
    • Talk button is now rounded.
    • Increased speed for iPhone 4 users
    • Calendar now has a list view
    • Siri – control how long she listens.
    • Siri- Male and Female options.
    • Power Off Screen – UI enhancements
    • Subscribe to ITunes match directly from your device
    • Misc. Security Patches
    • Ability to switch between light and dark color keyboards.
    • HDR setting for photos- Automatically turned on
    • Misc. Visual enhancements – UI (user interface)


Quick Tips

What to know before upgrading

If you don’t have the necessary 2.5 GB of free space, you can either upgrade the iOS while plugged into your computer, or you can clear data off your phone without plugging in.   Personally, I Synced my phone and dumped all my pictures to my PC (I needed to do that anyway), then I ran an over the air update.

How to Check the space available on your phone:

Settings>General>About (Look down to Available)

To see what is taking up all the space on your phone:

Settings>General>Usage (This could take a few moments to calculate.)

We really like iOS 7.1 thus far, even though it was not mentioned on many news outlets several users have mentioned seeing increased performance on the iPhone 5s after the update, myself being one of them.   So if anything, this update seems to have supercharged my phone!

Located in Ferndale, Fuse Technology Group is the premier provider of Business IT Services. Providing business computer support to hundreds of clients in Detroit, Troy, Southfield, Royal Oak, Birmingham and throughout the state of Michigan.


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