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Fuse Technology Group | Which Cloud Sharing Service Is Right for You?
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Which Cloud Sharing Service Is Right for You?


Selecting a cloud sharing service for your business can easily get overwhelming with the amount of choices available.  So which one do you choose? We’ll look into 4 of the best options for SMBs, but first let’s talk about the factors and advantages to consider.


The Advantages of Cloud Sharing

Some of the best features and reasons to spend time looking into this solution can provide major game changing advantages.

“With cloud sharing everyone can access the files they need at ease”

View your files from all devices: Your reps in the field, the office on the other side of the state, or from at home; the ability to share files, protect your data, and collaborate from anywhere can make all the difference.

Backup storage for critical files: Some services allow for editing inside the application or have auto save features as you work. Regardless of which solution works best for you, having frequent updates to documents that save on the cloud ensures that a copy of your data exists even when you loose a device or one breaks down.

Easy Sharing and Collaboration: Need to communicate spreadsheets or documents with vendors, outside offices, or employees who work at different locations? With cloud sharing everyone can access the files they need at ease.


Factors to consider

Here’s what you should stop and consider before making the leap to any one of the many services out there:

  • How large are the files that you would upload and share over the cloud? Check to see if the service has any size limits.
  • What’s the budget? This is where you should determine which features are worth the money – cost ranges vary greatly between services.
  • Are there any price discounts for loyalty or referrals? Some services provide loyalty discounts or ways to lower your monthly payment, is this important?
  • Which Platforms are supported? (Mac OSx. Windows, Linux, Windows Phone, Etc.) Does this service work for your entire team?


4 Great Cloud Sharing Services

Now for the good stuff! After you’ve considered those questions its time to dig into the pros and cons of 4 great solutions. For additional help, call Fuse and one of our Technicians can assist your business in finding the best solution!



Dropbox for Business

Priced out at: $12.50/ month per user.

One of the most popular solutions for SMBs is definitely Dropbox, and there’s no mystery as to why. Just to name a few features:

  • 1TB Storage per user
  • Centralized administration and activity monitoring
  • Added security settings
  • File versioning and recovery

If these features are important or if you’re already familiar with Dropbox as a personal user, check out their 14-day free trial.


Google Drive

Click Here for Pricing

Google Drive is a brilliant decision if your SMB runs off of Google Apps for Work. When you use of a Gmail based account you get 30 gigabytes per user and contains the ability to add more up to 16 TB. This will allow your team to work on files in real time on a company owned account, ultimately keeping your data safe. Also Drive gives the ability to keep local files and sync with Google Drive.  The Downfalls?

  • Really is best if you already have Google Apps for Work
  • Security becomes an issue
  • Sharing with people without a Google account makes things difficult.


Microsoft OneDrive

Click here for pricing

If you’re office is like most and heavily relies on Windows, OneDrive is a great solution. With Windows 8 users and up already having the OneDrive built into their operating system, it makes syncing easy. Here are some items to consider:

  • Works seamlessly with Windows Devices
  • Easy to use OneDrive through Microsoft Office applications
  • Microsoft Accounts contain additional benefits, such as access to Outlook.
  • Con: File organization is not always easy or intuitive.

Interested in Microsoft 365 or OneDrive, check out there details here.



Click her for pricing

The first three solutions definitely have a convenience factor for smaller SMBs, but what if yours is growing and has more demands? Huddle may be the best option for you and here’s why:

  • Add tasks and request approvals around documents
  • Manage workflow from mobile or the office
  • Intelligent Sharing – real time activity stream to see which files are being accessed.
  • Large File Sizes with preview capabilities
  • See history of edits and who performed them; keep your data secure with admin management



Located in Ferndale, Fuse Technology Group is the premier provider of Business IT Services. Providing business computer support to hundreds of clients in Detroit, Troy, Southfield, Royal Oak, Birmingham and throughout the state of Michigan.

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