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Fuse Technology Group | 5 Ways to Leverage Internal Social Networking
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5 Ways to Leverage Internal Social Networking



Bring your internal communication and productivity to the next level


In our personal lives social media has provided a way for us all to share our lives, communicate seamlessly, and keep in touch with people from around the world. Bringing many of these same ideas to a business is equally satisfying and efficient. By providing an internal social network, an organization can collaborate seamlessly across different departments, share success, gain valuable resources, and communicate with employees from different locations at ease. Here are 5 benefits to internal social networking that can make your organization more efficient and productive.


“Give new employees the ability to learn quickly”

Quickly Bring New Employees Up to Speed & Prevent Reinventing the Wheel


Give new employees the ability to learn quickly without the anxiety of being a bother to their new co-workers. Information is stored in posts including links to company resources, external media, and relevant questions that will come up in day-to-day tasks.


Instead or worrying about making sure knowledge is passed on and retained from star employees, leverage this platform to store experience and know-how for large projects, events, or specific customers/clients. This will allow anyone new who takes over their role to have access to all of their resources and prevents them from having to “reinvent the wheel”.


Discovering Hidden Experts


Much like with our personal social media experience, it’s human nature to seek recognition for quality contributions with out network. When an employee provides quality links to useful resources, has an idea on how to make improvements to a process, or shares relevant information of any kind, they tend to receive that recognition. Not only does this provide a sense of satisfaction, but it also provides an outlet for employees to feel more involved. Through this process, organizations find employees at all levels who have talents or knowledge in unknown areas that otherwise may have gone unnoticed.


Mindshare through Focus Groups & Provide More Context and Credibility to Business Communication


Providing your team with a method to communicate across departments in real-time provides productive collaboration to generate new ideas, innovative solutions, and discover a complete perspective of a problem from a bird’s eye view. Through focus groups and forum style Q&A, the answers and information being shared becomes far more credible and contains detailed context to their question. The information provided comes from multiple team members, external media, and relevant resources the company has developed.


“Teams develop new ideas, innovative solutions and improvements on how the business operates”

Improve Employee Engagement


Whether you’re part of a small company or a growing organization, it’s extremely easy to only communicate with a select few employees with questions or potential ideas. Many companies report a large percentage of their staff to be involved with their internal social network, resulting in them commenting, liking, or posting content. Teams develop new ideas, innovative solutions and improvements on how the business operates the more they communicate. As a social media platform is something that most people are familiar with, it also helps spread corporate culture through multiple locations and departments that may not have previously interacted.


Provides Meaningful Business Metrics


When a task or a goal becomes monitored it becomes easy to manage progress. This gives management the ability to see the status on weekly and monthly goals so they can provide feedback and focus on areas that need the most work. Not only that, but this improves employee moral. When they can see how their contributions affect the big picture as well as how the company is performing they become more connected and engaged. Bringing personal ownership to tasks and goals leads to improved productivity and transparency to an organization.

Located in Ferndale, Fuse Technology Group is the premier provider of Business IT Services. Providing business computer support to hundreds of clients in Detroit, Troy, Southfield, Royal Oak, Birmingham and throughout the state of Michigan.

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