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Fuse Technology Group | Hey Mr. CEO…. Are You Still Waiting on Those Reports?
Fuse Technology Group is the premiere provider of Business IT Services and computer support in Detroit, Troy, Southfield, Royal Oak, Birmingham and throughout the state of Michigan.
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Hey Mr. CEO…. Are You Still Waiting on Those Reports?


It’s Monday morning, you’re sitting at your desk and waiting for the weekly reports that were supposed to be on your desk by end of day Friday. For one reason or another, one of your team members had to leave early, didn’t finish their report and had said they would finish it over the weekend. So here we are, no reports on your desk, a stack of decisions that need to be made, and you don’t have the latest information to make the best decision. Naturally, you’ve placed a few employees on finalizing the reports, which you hate to do, because you’d rather them be working with clients or doing their main job… what a loss of productivity.

Are your Business Decisions on Hold Because of Reports?

It’s difficult to make decisions without all the business metrics available for analysis – naturally, you have to wait for your team to get their reports together before you can feel comfortable making a confident decision for your organization. How long does your team spend putting reports together? Even when they are on time, how many times have you found out that the reports you received were inaccurate? Either the report had old information, was a previous version all together, or an employee made a mistake and entered in the wrong information. If you had your reports sooner, would you have made different decisions? Imagine if you had the power to log into a web application on any device, view your data exactly how you want to see it, when you want to see it.

Fuse Dash ! Business Dashboards – Data Made Easy

There is a better way! See everything that matters to you, not only on the same webpage, but also in the exact format that you want. Right now, you’re probably thinking there is no way that we could get access to all of your software, let alone put it all in the same place – if this is possible, why does it always take so long to get your reports? Stop waiting for those reports; time is money, and you’ve got a business to run! With Fuse Dash, we have the ability to tap into almost any application!

Your Accounting Software….Check!

Your Industry Specific Software…. Check!

That Old Access Database…. We’ve got IT covered!

Custom Applications…. Check!

Just About Any Other Software you Use… Check!

Fuse Dash allows your team to be more productive by giving you the information you need at a glance, updates anytime someone updates any of your software, and best of all, by providing you with the most up-to-date version, always.

Why Fuse Dash?

We get it, you’ve always done your reporting the same way since day 1, but once you try Fuse Dash, you’ll realize for yourself, there’s a better way! Not Convinced yet? At Fuse, we focus on end results, because quite frankly, everything else is just noise; here are the end results you’ll see when you have Fuse create your unique and completely customized Business Dashboard:

    • Simplify the decision making process:
      Numbers don’t lie, and with Fuse Dash, you can see them anytime from anywhere in real-time, with live up to the minute updates.
Understand all of your data at a glance, in one place, viewed in real-time, available 24/7 from any device!
  • Be confident in your decisions:
    Understanding all of your business metrics at a glance will empower you to make better decisions, take less time making them, and make fewer mistakes from inaccurate information.
  • Zoom in or Zoom out:
    With Fuse Dash, zoom in on specific teams or departments, or zoom out and see the whole company at a glance.
  • Internal Development:
    You’ll be surprised at how your team begins to ask better questions, develops a higher level of focus, and creates a larger impact every day. Having the right information in front of you makes a world of difference for everyone!
  • Motivation:
    Do you have a sales team, a production team, or anything in between? Watch how motivation improves as your team views their progress and competes against one another for the highest numbers, or the first to reach their goal.
  • Visualized Growth:
    It’s important to have a direction for growth, with Fuse Dash, you’ll be able to visualize it each day, month over month and year over year.


Located in Ferndale, Fuse Technology Group is the premier provider of Business IT Services. Providing business computer support to hundreds of clients in Detroit, Troy, Southfield, Royal Oak, Birmingham and throughout the state of Michigan.

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