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Fuse Technology Group | Outlook 2013 – Say Hello to an Awesome New Look!
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Outlook 2013 – Say Hello to an Awesome New Look!


Outlook 2013 has a completely refreshed interface, it’s cleaner, more functional and allows for extreme customization in terms of viewing your email your way!  Microsoft did an amazing job of creating time saving efficiencies and intuitiveness.  In this article we are going to highlight some of our favorite features.

New Interface:  Outlook 2013 has Microsoft’s signature new interface, clean, slick and most importantly puts all your information in front of you with little interaction from the end user.   During the course of this design, Microsoft seemed to focus on intuitiveness and user common sense, this can be seen by the renaming of contacts to “people”.   From the main Outlook screen everything is front and center in terms of navigation allowing you to easily find what you’re looking for, effortlessly.  Microsoft has also given the ability to respond to an email within the main email pane, allowing you to respond more quickly without having to switch windows.

Attachment Reminder:  This is one of our absolute favorite features.  If you mention the word attached, or attachment in your email and forget to attach the file, when you hit send, Outlook will notify you that you may want to attach a file.

Search at the speed of light: This has taken many Outlook versions, but they have finally nailed it.  If you’re anything like us you live and die by the search within Outlook.  Now it operates like it always should have, almost instantly you can find any email based on almost any context.

More Information at your fingertips: In Outlook 2013, you have the ability to preview messages within the message list, allowing you to see which emails should be read first.  When viewing the monthly calendar preview, you can see at a glance what meetings or appointments you have on tap.  Microsoft’s new quick views are absolutely amazing.

Social Media Integration: It took a while but Microsoft has finally joined the social revolution, they have added LinkedIn and Facebook integration into Outlook 2013.

Weather built in:  When viewing your calendar, you can see the weather for upcoming days within the weather toolbar just above your calendar.  This allows you to plan accordingly if certain events are hinged on weather conditions.

We give Outlook 2013 extremely high marks, from its elegant new interface, to the ease of use, makes Outlook 2013 an absolute pleasure to run.  However for you Exchange 2003 and Windows XP users, Microsoft has left you out of the party as Outlook 2013 are not compatible with the above software.

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