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The Battle for Your TV!


So with all of these set top boxes coming out that stream content over the Internet, is it really worth having cable anymore? Today I would say you still need your cable TV. As time goes on and these devices evolve that may not be the case; however, right now is a different story.

To sum up all of these devices, if you want real access to movies and TV shows they are going to come with an $8 to $10 fee for movies per month and $8 to $10 fee for TV shows per month. I know what you’re thinking; $20s is way cheaper than my current cable bill.” While that may be true, you will need your cable internet to access these services which means the cable company has you one way or the other. And though the $20 may be significantly lower, I assure you, you will purchase movies and rentals outside of that amount driving up your monthly cost.

There is, however, quite a bit of free content out there with everything from TV shows to what you see on You Tube. Personally I like to know when my shows are going to be on and that I will have access to the shows I want to see.
Now, I am not saying these are not cool devices and they do have uses. However, I don’t want anyone to be fooled; they are not cable TV replacements, yet.

Another factor that should be thought about is that the majority of flat screens available today come with Netflix and other functionality built right into the TV. Also, the new gaming devices out there, such as X-Box, have this functionality as well.
And just in case you were wondering, If you do get one, yes we can install it for you  Below is the run down on the services as well as the devices.

Hulu: A website that allows you to stream new TV shows for a small monthly fee.
Netflix: Allows you to rent movies on demand for a monthly fee.

Apple TV
– Can stream your iTunes library to your TV
– Can stream all the media in your iTunes or iPhoto library
– Netflix ability
– Can purchase TV shows and Movies from the iTunes store
– Can use your iPhone as the remote from anywhere in your home

Google TV
– Can browse the web from your TV
– Access to Netflix
– Can purchase TV shows, etc from the web
– Can use your phone as the remote

– Can access Netflix
– Can purchase TV shows
– Can fling info from your PC to your TV

To find out further information check out the PC Mag comparison: http://www.pcworld.com/article/207197/google_tv_vs_apple_tv_vs_roku_settop_box_smackdown.html

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